Esther Tseng

Google Play Pass
Google Play Pass

A subscription to hundreds of games & apps, completely free of ads & in-app purchases

Zendesk billing and checkout flow

Subscribe and manage billing for multiple Zendesk products, in one beautifully simple experience

Boba of the spirit
Boba of the Spirit

My take on the Fruit of the Spirit. Now available for purchase as tabletop coasters from Point Line Concept.

Google Play
Google Play Subscriptions

Design a robust subscriptions platform to help people sign-up for and manage subscriptions in the Android universe

Kerfmaker woodworking app

Help woodworkers create an automatic cut list and optimal board cutting plans

Inside Esther's brain
Esther's brain

Narwhals, bubble tea, greeting cards, rice balls... the fun just doesn't stop

About me

As a young student, instead of taking notes about George Washington crossing the Delaware River, I’d doodle little storyboards instead. One day, my teacher caught me and called me to her desk. To my surprise, she didn't scold me but instead suggested that I pursue graphic design. Her advice changed my life.

Besides designing stuff on screens, I'm also a boba tea enthusiast, Harry Potter nerd, aspiring musician, and cold brew admirer.


Sr. UX Designer at Google
San Francisco Bay Area

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