Boba of the Spirit

Delicious and wise

This a side project inspired by my deep appreciation for two things: Boba milk tea and Galatians 5:22. The Fruit of the Spirit presents nine character traits that we should live by. One day I decided to combine these two very different concepts as a design exercise, and these boba characters were born.


Joy is an explosion of flavor in a single bubble tea drink. Apple! Strawberry! Mango! The depths of each fruit fully experienced and enjoyed. Joy is learning to appreciate the small and big moments—not in indulgence, but in pure-hearted thankfulness.


Patience is waiting for the barista to fill up a bubble tea drink. It feels like the moment will never come, but patience embodies the journey to completion. When the bubble tea is ready, patience knows that the wait was not in vain and worth every second. Patience is acknowledging the value of waiting for something special.


Self-control is choosing the smaller sized bubble tea when the larger one seems overwhelmingly tempting. Self-control is asking for no toppings when it feels easier not to. Self-control is choosing the better option for the future when the current situation is convincingly contradictory.


Kindness is when the bubble tea, whose toppings are lacking, is offered some pearls by a fellow bubble tea. Perhaps life will never be fair, but if one bubble tea drink helps another out, they can all be delicious together. Kindness is sharing blessings with one another, which is a blessing in itself.

Buy some for your coffee table

One day, my friend Jessica decided to etch these onto wooden coasters. Voilà, Boba Of The Spirit was born! Available now, you can purchase these coasters online, or in-person at Boba Drive or Sinceretea.