Google Play subscriptions

A platform for all

Google Play Store powers all Android devices around the world, allowing smartphone users to get apps, games, movies, books, and TV shows. I had the opportunity to work with the Subscriptions team as the lead UX Designer, working to help people discover, sign-up for, and manage subscription services offered by our many Android developers.

Where’s my subscription?

A common user complaint we heard was that it wasn’t obvious that Google Play was managing their subscription billing. When it came time to cancel a subscription, some users would get frustrated searching for the “cancel” button. We believed that helping users manage, and even cancel, their subscriptions easily was the right thing to do.

First, we decided to make the Subscriptions page easier to reach by putting it directly in the left menu. (Previously, it was tucked away as a section in another page)

"Making it just as easy for consumers to get out of their subscriptions as it is to sign up is a good business practice, and could boost subscription sign-ups overall, which benefits developers. When consumers aren’t afraid they’ll forget or not be able to find the cancellation options later on, they’re more likely to give subscriptions a try."

UI Redesign

The look & feel of the previous Subscriptions page was outdated. We needed a new, fresh design to:

  • Align better with subscriber expectations
  • Display a variety of subscription structures, states, and errors
  • Scale and support future subscription features
  • Keep up with the rest of Google with a fresh design

Help developers help subscribers

After launching the new Subscriptions page, we also crafted a simple survey that subscribers can fill out when they decide to cancel a subscription. This new Cancellation Survey gives subscribers a way to send feedback directly to the creators, while respecting their privacy and security.